10 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You


Dogs have interacted with humans for thousands of years and in that time, people have learned that dogs have a special way of communicating with them that are unique to dogs. In recent years, there are an increasing number of studies examining the way dogs think and how they communicate and interact with humans.

These studies are revealing fascinating things. Like how dogs pick up micro-signals from humans and how they they help their friends.

They are also revealing ways that the bond between dogs and humans has created many ways in which dogs express how much they love their family.

1. Dogs use their eyes and their body language to tell you if they trust you and tell you what they are feeling.


2. If you catch your dog looking at you quietly before you leave him alone or ignoring you, it’s because they are relaxed and trust you to return.


3. When a dog can’t wait to see you walk through the door, and smothers you with attention, it means he really misses you.


4. When a dog wants to sleep with you rather than alone, it means you are family to him.


5. If your dog is cuddly after a meal it’s not just because you fed them, it’s because you are their best friend.


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