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canaan dog


Male: 45-55
Female: 35-45 lbs


Male: 20-24
Female: 19-23 inches



The Canaan Dog is an ancient dog breed that was established in the 1930s. They were bred from the wild dogs of Israel, and are still used today to herd, guard and manage sheep. This is a very trainable breed, and they have been successfully used as messengers, mine detectors, trackers and search and rescue dogs. Even today this breed performs most of these duties. The Canaan Dog is a very tough breed that is well-adapted to the deserts of Israel. Drawings of similar looking dogs were found in tombs dating back to 2200 BC.



Although this is considered a primitive dog breed, the Canaan Dog is a very intelligent dog. These dogs are very loyal and affectionate toward their owners, and will shower their families with love. This is a dog that is very keen on pleasing its owner. The Canaan Dog can however be fairly domineering and strong-willed at times. This breed is best suited to owners with some pervious dog ownership experience. The Canaan Dog does not require excessive attention, and they are also very independent dogs. Seeing that these dogs are so intelligent, they require sufficient mental stimulation. If they are not stimulated enough, they may show negative behavior.

Canaan Dog


Canaan Dogs are a very hygienic breed with no doggie smell. These dogs are low maintenance when it comes to grooming, and will require a weekly combing and brushing. Extra care should however be taken when these dogs are shedding. These dogs shed quite heavily during the shedding season.



It is imperative to remember that the Canaan Dog is a primitive breed, and that they are slow to mature. They are also stubborn and autonomous, and will therefore require an experienced owner and trainer. This breed should receive early socialization and obedience training – this is a must. The Canaan Dog will not react to cruel or forceful training methods, but they do need to see who is dominant. The training environment for these dogs should be firm and consistent, and also have enough admiration and reward. The training regime should be varied; otherwise these dogs will get bored.


Health problems

The Canaan Dog is a very healthy and though breed, and they are not likely to struggle with any major health issues. They can however, very rarely have trouble with hip dysplasia which is a disease where the hip joints begin to break down. This makes it very difficult to make any movements.


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