How to Make Homemade Dog Food

Make Homemade Dog Food

Working out how to make homemade dog food may be time consuming initially, but if you aim to make seven different meals, it will give you dog variety and you will be able to slip easily into a weekly routine.

That makes life a lot easier. You just shop for the same things every week.

I like easy. There are plenty of things that keep our minds occupied without creating any more. And your dog’s diet is too important not to take seriously.

But if you want to make your own dog food, you do need to know a bit about nutrition. or you need to go somewhere reliable for that information.


How do you know it’s reliable information?

Whenever I want to know the answer to a diet related problem for a dog, I always try to work out what a wild dogs diet is. Wild dogs have evolved on their diet for millennia. It has stood them in good stead.

Domestic dogs have been fed commercial pet food for just a few decades. Humans know very little about the complex substance called food. They try to synthesize nutrients or cut corners for profit. In the long term, it’s unlikely anyone can improve on nature.


The first, vital thing that this says to me is that dog food should be raw.

There are now a growing number of raw dog food suppliers springing up everywhere. But you do need to be a bit wary.

First, is this quality food? It’s unlikely to be as the quality food will go far the more lucrative human market. So the next question is, is the quality acceptable? Go by the look, the smell and what your dog thinks. A healthy dog will generally not eat bad food (except for commercial food with it’s appetite stimulants and other ‘disguises’).

The next question is, does the food have a high fat content disguised by beetroot juice (yes, it does happen)? You can tell by the slightly odd color and by how greasy it is.

Next, is the food balanced? When learning how to make homemade dog food, this is crucial. Feeding your dog one type of food is unlikely to provide him with all the nutrients essential for a healthy dog.

And the final important question to ask is, does the food contain preservatives? Preservatives that are used in dog food and pet food generally don’t bear thinking about. They are not the less harmful ones considered acceptable (by some) for human consumption. They are the real nasties – Ethoxyquin, formaldehyde and worse.

Taking all these points into consideration, you may find it preferable to make your own dog food from scratch. That is, to buy each ingredient individually, so you can see the quality, and mix them all together for that all important balance.

However, you work out how to make homemade dog food, your dog will be much happier and much healthier as a result. Although it’s unlikely that you will spend more in terms of money on a homemade diet, you will in all probability, spend more time, certainly initially as you get your head around it.

However, when you weigh that up against the enormous financial savings you will make on your dog’s good health, let alone the angst you won’t suffer, it’s easy to make the choice.


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