11 Reasons Why Dogs Bark and How You Can Stop Dog Barking

dog barking

It is as natural for a dog to bark as it is for a kid to talk. So we should not expect a dog never to bark, however if the barking has become too excessive to the point of irritating the neighbors, you have to either move the dog away from build-up areas, confine it to a sound proof room or train the dog to stop barking. To stop the dog from barking, we have to first understand the cause of the problem.


Let us explore the reasons for dog barking:


Barking is a form of communication. If you listen closely there are different tones and different types of barking.


Dogs are territorial and protective against any intruders. A guard dog’s duty is to guard the property. Naturally it will bark to alert you to possible intruders when it senses any intrusion by people or dogs. The closer the threat, the louder the barking. When the dog is aggressive, it takes on a threatening posture, with a high tail and ears up and forward.


Some people say that animals are sensitive to the presence of unseen spirits or ghosts.

4Reaction to Noise

Some dogs bark when car drives by, when the doorbell rings, or when the neighbor’s dog bark.


Dogs bark because they want attention. They want something. Maybe they are hungry or thirsty. They want to go outside to play. They wants a treat.


Dogs can be frustrated if they are confined to the same place for a long period of times, or they have been left outside day and night. Dogs are pack dog and do not like to be left alone for long period. If they become bored or sad, they will bark. Head over to the next page…

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