6 Оf Тhе Моst Рорulаr Wоrkіng Dоgs

working dogs

When you hear the term “working dogs”, what comes first into your mind? You may think of a canine that does more than just barking at strangers who stay close at your yard or those that do more than just stay and hang out at your house all day. What about those dogs which get in the car when you drive to the office? Well, to some degree working dogs do more than just those things mentioned above.

The working dogs, as the name implies, are those that perform tasks more valuable than what humans can do. They are trained to perform roles and responsibilities like taking care or protecting a family or a property, guiding people with disabilities, guarding flocks and herds from harmful intruders, and even doing criminals and other felony makers. There are a lot more tasks that the working dogs are capable of doing provided that they are trained properly, and it is for such capabilities basically that working dogs are considered throughout the world as “amazing animals”.

Names Associated with Working Dogs:

The working dogs generally come in massive numbers. They are often categorized according to the nature of work they are trained to. The most popular working dogs include the following:

1 – Therapy Dogs: Trained to visit people with physical or emotional problems. They are invited and sent for therapeutic effects.

2 – Rescue Digs: Help people who are in tough situations like those who are in water after a boat accident or disaster.

3 – Herding Dogs: Trained to guard flocks and herds from any dangerous attacks.

4 – Hunting Dogs: They assist hunter in tracking and finding games. Many of the hunting dogs often fight with bears, lion, tigers, and other wild beasts.

5 – War Dogs: These are the breeds used for armed forces. They take roles similar to that of the civilian working dogs, but all are geared toward military sake.

6 – Detection Dogs: Assist people in finding traces of bombs, or termites in a home. They also work to detect chemicals and other harmful substances in luggage and other objects or areas.

The working dogs can also be considered as assistance dogs, search dogs, sled dogs, mascots, tracking and fighting dogs, guard and police dogs, and cadaver dog.

How do Working Dogs Perform Their Roles?

Naturally, dogs have the innate capability to find things. They use all of their senses to find a specific object or a person, and this can be enhanced with proper and thorough training.

So to make working dogs much effective for doing all the tasks assigned to them, they should always be practiced. The good thing about them is that they love their work knowing that they were born to do so.

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