How to House Train a Dog – Tips

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How to house train a dog is very important, want to know how?

Training your dog to behave properly in your house can be very easy as long as you follow these simple rules explained bellow. Training your dog to be house proofed will take you about 7 days. This is not an accurate value of course, it will depend on your consistency efforts, your dog’s breed and age.


So, is my dog going to be a problem with house breaking?

Pit bulls, rotties, and all other dominant breeds can be a bit more difficult to train because of the dominance issues. With this in mind, we have to be careful because the dog might want to do what he wants due to the dominance issues. Less dominant breeds like Labradors tend to be easier to train. It’s quite common to train a German Sheppard to be house trained in less than 4-5 days. But, when you try to train more dominant dogs like rotties, it will probably take you 7 to 8 days to accomplish the same task. They are very intelligent dogs but also very stubborn.


Do I have to spend a lot of time training my dog?

As we’ve seen in the previous topic, this will depend on the breed of the dog, if you live in an apartment or house and your dedication and consistency efforts.


Organize yourself for the next seven to eight days, because you must be monitoring your dog at all times. Take the week off to train your new four-legged best friend properly. Considering that this will make your life a lot better in the next 14 years of your dog’s life, I don’t think this is much to ask. This is your first chance to train your dog and you should take advantage of it particularly in these first days.


House training can be affected by several factors, what are them?

Take special attention with the following topics when house training your dog.

  • Dog’s breed – Dominance tendency

Please have this in consideration when you go out and choose the breed of your new puppy.

  • If it’s male or female

A male dog is always more difficult to train than a female. Females usually don’t mark their territory so often as males. They will mark their territory where they feel belong, that that is, in your house.

  • House type

When living in an apartment it will be a bit more arduous to live with your dog than it would be when in a house, but nothing to worry. Organize yourself and think where your dog will do his “stuff”, several times a day for about 14 years or more. If you live in a house with a backyard, things will be a lot easier. That way you don’t have to worry much about your dog’s schedule, just open the door and let him go outside, when he’s ready he’ll come back. Living in a house will be easier to you, but an apartment has its own advantage, because when you go out with your dog you will be making a statement of dominance over him.

  • Dog’s ascendency

The training of your dog will be affected by the quality of your dog’s breeder Make sure your puppy comes from a good breeder, so that he has a good character and is not afraid of humans.

  • Sexual drives will always influence training; a spayed or neutered puppy will help a lot

A spayed female or neutered male, will also affect your house breaking efforts because the sexual drives will be diminished to the point where it won’t affect your dog’s behavior.

  • If it’s a junior, adult or senior dog

A senior dog will learn quite well, but you’ll get faster results with a puppy. Health issues might have to be taken in consideration also when training a senior dog. We can’t expect to house train a senior dog properly if he has urinary problems for example. But if health problems aren’t an issue, there won’t make much of a difference in your training, as long as you take the time and make consistent efforts.


House training is quite an important task, so you must train your dog properly. For that to happen, you must be the pack leader. He must look at you as his master or else the training will be ineffective. Also, you must have in consideration that a little puppy doesn’t understand any command yet, so he will analyze your body language, and behave accordingly. If you start showing hostility to your puppy, he will eventually start imitate you, and that’s not what you want. You want to redirect him to the safe objects to chew and safe places to pee. Be consistent in your dog’s training. If you fail in the consistency efforts, your dog will never be consistent too.


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