The Benefits to Dog Obedience Training – Unlock Your Dog’s Fun Side

Dog Obedience Training

A lot of people find dog obedience training to be a challenging process, and it can be, if you haven’t learned the right way to do it. One thing you need to consider, is that dog obedience training can also be stressful on your dog. Because of that, how quickly your dog responds to his dog training will depend a great deal on how you carry out that training.


Understanding Dog Obedience Training Basics.

Your relationship with your dog is an area that needs to be emphasized. In order for both of you to feel secure, you need to build a healthy relationship in your household between you and your dog. As you work through this process, you will find that there are lot of techniques that can be used to train your dog. Some of the better known techniques include clicker training, dog whispering, positive reinforcement, marker training, collar and leash training, and reward training, but there are many others including doing it yourself. So whether you plan to go the do-it-yourself route or to hire professional, there are some main goals that need to be achieved.


Some of the main goals that you should set for this training include, establishing a good line of communication between you and your pet, strengthening your bond, and spending additional quality time together. Proper dog training can resolve most of your dog’s behavioral problems, including such problems as digging up your yard, chewing up shoes of furniture, excessive barking, jumping up on people, the dog walking you instead of you walking the dog, and many others.

The actual training will help you establish boundaries or rules which will help teach your dog how to be in control of his behavior and become a responsible member of your household. The bottom line is, you will probably not be able to keep him confined at home all the time. There will obviously be time when you will want to take him out for a walk and if the dog is unruly this will not be a pleasant experience. Dogs, just like human beings, need to be taught good manners. After the dog obedience training is completed you will be able to trust that your dog’s behavior will be appropriate for any given time, and at any given place.


What Are the Benefits of Dog Obedience Training?

Dog obedience training will enable you to enjoy your dog’s company and provide you pleasure for years to come. The advantages to dog obedience training outlined below, will help you to walk around with a smile on your face instead of worrying about what your dog is going to do next.

The obedience training will mean that your dog’s confusions will be eliminated and he will be much more conscious of his good and bad behavior, thereby simplifying life for your dog. Dog obedience training is a rewarding experience, during which your dog will have fun as he masters his new skills. And, if you decide to train the dog yourself, it will be a great time for you to bond and to spend quality time with him. A well trained dog is confident and happy. This makes him a great pleasure to have around.

Dog obedience training will also give your dog more freedom. You won’t hesitate to leave him alone and unsupervised because you are sure he will not be a nuisance in your home. Another benefit to dog obedience training is your dog will not threaten other people and animals around him, thereby making him safer. After his training, your dog will have earned your respect and can be considered a great companion and true member of the family.

Overall, dog obedience training takes time and requires you to be really patient as your pet learns. Always being consistent by never falling short of rewards and praise for good behavior, or punishment when necessary for bad behavior, will make this a great experience for both of you and help you unlock your dog’s fun side.


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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how private dog obedience training would give your dog more freedom. We love our family dog very much, however, he could be quite unruly sometimes which gives us problems when he misbehaves. It would be good if our dog stats behaving more so we should probably let a professional train him.

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