The Playful Beagle Dog

Beagle dog

There are plenty of dogs you can choose as family pets but if you are currently in the market for a new addition to your family why not consider a Beagle dog? Beagle generally tend to make good family pets because of their friendly, playful nature that works well with adults and children alike. Beagle are intelligent creatures, but like most dogs from the hound family, they also tend to run on the stubborn side. This can make training and housebreaking a Beagle a bit more challenging than training other breeds of dogs. But once your pup has successfully learned the rules of the house, he is not likely to forget them easily. Beagles have an incredibly keen sense of smell as well, which can contribute to the training challenge, since scents can be an easy distraction for this dog. It is also why Beagles should never be allowed off leash, unless in their own, fenced backyard. One interesting smell can send him running, and it may be close to impossible for you to round him up again. However, Beagles are also social animals that enjoy spending time with their families, and can bring you many years of fun and enjoyment.

Training of a Beagle dog should begin taking place as soon as you bring your puppy home from the breeder. It is much easier to teach your Beagle the rules of the house from the beginning, rather than trying to change bad habits after they have started. Keep in mind that because of the more stubborn nature of Beagles, housebreaking and training can take a bit longer to successfully complete. You should plan on two to four months of intensive crate training before your Beagle puppy is fully housebroken. Other training can take much longer.

Beagle dog

A Beagle also needs plenty of time to run and play, and daily walks with his owner is a great asset to this dog. They are usually athletic and have an abundance of energy, so regular exercise will not only keep your Beagle healthier, but happier and easier to train as well. If you are looking for company on your long, daily walks, a Beagle may be the perfect companion for you.

So if you are looking for the perfect companion for your entire family the Beagle dog might be the perfect choice for you. Take some time to collect all of the Beagle information that you can find to determine whether a Beagle will make a positive addition to your home. Keep in mind that like any puppy a Beagle will require plenty of love and care, especially in his first few months in your home when training is taking place. Due to the stubborn streak that is found in most hounds, Beagle will require an extra dose of patience and persistence when it comes to housebreaking and obedience training. However, a Beagle is also an intelligent creature, so once the lessons are learned, they will undoubtedly stick for the life of your pet.

Beagles usually love adults and children alike so this dog is a good family pet no matter what your family looks like. Beagles are natural entertainers and your family is guaranteed to be amused by your pup’s antics every day. A Beagle is a fun and social creature that makes a wonderful family pet, which is why this breed is such a popular choice today.


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