Make Your Own Dog Food and Guarantee the Health of Your Dog

Make Your Own Dog Food

Make Your Own Dog Food

Without a doubt the best way for dog owners to guarantee the health of their dogs is to learn how to make their own dog food, if not for any other reason but for the fact that you can determine what goes into the diet of your dog in terms of the quality of nutrients.


Unlike feeding your dogs with off the shelf food where you rely on what is written on the pack as being truthful, by making your own dog food you are absolutely certain that you are feeding your canine friend with the best you want for him.

Most people cannot forget in a hurry the disaster of years ago when commercially produced pet food wreckage havoc killing so many dogs. For those who lost their loved pets that was certainly a painful way to learn how to do the right thing. But since this terrible experience most pet owner and vet have focused on how to prepare food for their pet right from the comfort of their homes.

When preparing your pet’s meal one fundamental thing that you must always have in focus is that the food must be balanced nutritionally and that the nutrition requirements are nutrient defined and not based on ingredients.

When it comes to getting the nutritionally balanced recipes needed for the dog food there are a number of places where you can turn to, some of which includes your vet nutritionist, cook book or the internet.

A nutritious and healthy meal for your furry friend must protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, a sufficient amount of minerals and the right amount of fat. Carbohydrate is not only a source of energy but also a good source of amino acids and essential fats; vegetables should also be included in the diet for the nutritional balance of his diet.

You should however avoid onions and garlic as this could equate to feed your dog with toxin. Chocolates, grapes, macadamia nuts and raisins are some other foods to be kept away from the diet of your dog.

When preparing your own dog food, it is essential to stress the importance of your vet both in prescribing the recipes and also when you intent to transit from one type of food to another. Homemade food that is not based on a vet’s prescription is more likely to lack some essential supplements like calcium which may lead to bone condition that results in bent or bowed limbs due to soft bones.


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