What to Look for in Raw Dog Food Recipes

Raw Dog Food Recipes

Making the decision to feed your dog a raw diet doesn’t mean feeding them the same raw food day in and day out. To keep them interested in the diet, and to make sure that all their dietary needs are met, having a bit of variety in their meals is also important. This is how raw dog food recipes can help you.


There are recipes you can find on the net. What I do, which you can also try for yourself, is to compile these recipes and make a calendar to plan out my dog’s meals for at least 2 weeks. This helps me stay organized, and also helps me save time and money. With a menu, you will know exactly what you need to prepare ahead of time. You can buy your dog’s food all at once, every week, and this can save you money from buying in bulk, and also saves you time from making numerous trips to the butcher or the market.


Creating a menu plan also helps you quickly spot if your dog is missing out or having too much of a particular kind of food. Having the recipes in front of you, and the canine food pyramid on hand as well, you will be able to see if your dog is getting too much offal, or getting too few servings of fruits and vegetables.

Raw Dog Food Recipes

When choosing raw dog food recipes, look for ones that are appropriate to your dog’s age and health. There are recipes that call for pureeing. This is particularly good for puppies that are just being weaned from their mother’s milk and are starting solids. And there are recipes that call for various kinds of raw meaty bones. Choose portions that are suitable to the size of your dog.


Avoid recipes that call for cooking, especially cooking the bones. Cooked bones are much more fragile and they easily break. This makes it dangerous for your dog, because the bone can break and injure your dog’s mouth, throat or digestive track. At the same time, cooking food alters the enzymes and may cause you to lose the vitamins and minerals you’re after in the first place.


As mentioned earlier, variety is also important. Look for recipes that call for various kinds of meat or fruits and vegetables that your dog will enjoy. While these may not always be available in your local market, it’s still good to keep them in mind in case you chance upon them, or they come back in season.


Finally, tweak the recipes and create your own. Learn from your collection of raw dog food recipes, and find out what kind of combinations your dog enjoys. This can be a fun and fulfilling activity that you can engage in with your dog.


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