Guide Dog Training for the Disabled

Guide Dog Training

Guide Dog Training for the Disabled

Who said that “the dog is man’s best friend” didn’t talk nonsense, and the saying is old enough to confirm its value of truth: not only is the dog a reliable friend and a playful giddy presence, but if passed through the “fire” of a guide dog training, he can become the only support a person with disabilities has, when going out, helping them and teaching them in return how to live. The experts that transform the animals into indispensable professionals are very patient and have different special methods to do so. Certain dogs have become famous in the industry of film-making, in police – the capture of wrongdoers and the finding of narcotics – have guided blind people out of their homes for the first time and so on. These are the heroes of the species, and they need a far more complicated method of training than the usual.

Mostly, guide dog training sessions convert the animal into a literal guide for the disabled and enable them to make acquaintance with properly lived life once more: they lead the person while crossing the street, helping her to get on a bus, to the market or the nearby park so that they are directed safe and sound, if blind people are concerned for example. This would not be achieved if the talent and devotion of a special trainer hadn’t been invested in the animal through guide dog training.

There’s More to it Than Meets the Eye

If there were a standard method that leads to mass guide dog training, then the disabled would face fewer problems but there are many details that skip the knowledge of a passer-by: those wonderful people that dedicate themselves to this type of activities have a hard task to face. Firstly, they are specialists in dog training: how to correct the animal’s unaccepted behavior, how to form conditional instincts that make him a submissive pet and how to teach him new commands and of course, keep him in control. Secondly, the person must be aware of every difficulty a disabled man or woman faces, so that he could know what to teach the dog and what to make him sensitive at: the special guide dog trainer possesses a strong background of work with disabled people and creates within months of sessions, an entirely different bond between the future owner and the animal, as opposed to that between a not-physically-challenged person and his pet.

Consequently, the person in need and the animal go both through training, so to speak, and the trainer helps grow between them an unbreakable dependability. He also must foresee what situations the dog might face, such as perils on the sidewalk near his master, as well as ahead of him, to prevent the contact with highly placed objects and low-positioned “dangers”. The animal must be also made comfortable with crowds, people that want to pat him on the back and give him a treat, leading to his distraction in real life situations. The guide dog training ensures that the disabled person is taken care of always.

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