Australian Cattle Dog Breed

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle dog is originally from Australia where they have been developed during the nineteenth century. These dogs have been bred to excel in stamina, herding abilities, and toughness. The Australian Cattle dog is also referred to as the Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, and Queensland Heeler. In Australia, these are one of the most popular dog breeds today.



The Australian Cattle dog loves to work and be involved in herding activities. These dogs are not suited for a life alone in a fenced in area. Australian Cattle dog are one of the most intelligent dog breeds there is, but they can become bored fairly easily. This in return can lead to severe learning difficulties. These dogs love to be a part of the action Рthey are very devoted, caring and vigilant dogs. The Australian Cattle dog also does very well as a guard dog, and they are very courageous and reliable dogs. They can be a bit wary of strangers and dogs that is unknown by them. Seeing that their dominance levels are high, they can at times be aggressive. Australian Cattle dogs will get along well with family members they have known since puppy hood, but not with children in general. These dogs might also try to bite at people’s heels in order to herd them. If you are considering an Australian Cattle dog, make sure you stay away from working breed as they may be too active for home life. The Australian Cattle dog is very obedient to its master, but also a bit of a one-person dog.



This breed should be brushed no a weekly basis with a frim hair brush. During the shedding season, these dogs should be brushed more frequently. The Australian Cattle dog should only be bathed when really necessary, and then only with a mild shampoo to prevent dry skin.



It is important that the Australian Cattle socialized and trained in obedience from an early age onwards. Australian Cattle dog are very obedient. In training they will not respond well to cruel or heavy-handed methods. The training environment should also be one that is fair, firm and consistent. Australian Cattle dogs are very talented in areas such as herding, suppleness and guarding, retrieving and competitive obedience.


Health problems

Australian Cattle dogs are relatively healthy dogs, but they are prone to suffer from conditions such as hip dysplasia, PRA, and deafness.


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