American Akita – A Good Breed for Guard Dogs


One of the most beautiful dogs in the world, the American Akita is a great choice for guard dogs.


Considered a new breed in the United States, the Akita is quickly rising in popularity as a pick for both a family pet and as home security. Descendant from the Akita Inu, this breed has quickly become a separate distinctive type within the breed in the United States and Canada.


With its massive bit, agile frame, triangular, bear-like head and square, powerful jaw, this breed can be a great deterrent just by its stance in the front yard. Because the Akita was originally bred in the mountains of Japan, the dog makes a great protector of property located in cold regions.


While similar looking to the Husky, don’t confuse the Akita as a pack animal. These dogs like to a maintain dominance and do not get along with other dogs of the same gender. They are not hard to train, but do need constant reinforcement for this dog has an independent spirit that needs constant reminding of who is in charge.

Beautiful Akita
Beautiful Akita

What is most significant about the Akita is its curled tail. The bushy tail goes up and curls over the back, and some breeds even have a double curl. Most Akita live a long life as long as they are given a lot of exercise.


Training is essential with this breed. The dog is a very alert and responsive dog and its courage and loyalty are legendary, but as puppies they like to bite and if not trained to stop it can become a problem as an adult. Also, as I started, they can be aggressive to other dogs, so having a bunch of Akitas to guard your property might not be the best idea unless you are a professional trainer.


They make great house dogs but can be very intimidating because of their size. Female Akitas get along better with kids, but it is never a good idea to leave them alone with children. What is interesting is that they get along well with cats and have been compared to be very catlike. Akitas clean themselves like a cat and some even bury their one feces making them the cleanest breed of dog.


The perfect owners of an Akita as a guard dog are those who have a family for this dog has a lot of personality and needs the stimulation of others to remain healthy and obedient. Love, discipline, and a big yard in Maine are essentials to enjoying Akitas.


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