Three Steps You Can Easily Do Right Now and at Home for Dry Skin Dogs

Dry Skin

Dogs dry skin can be treated at home using a few simple and natural techniques that anyone can use. The simple fact is that dogs are naturally sensitive by nature and is why millions of dogs suffer from painful, cracked and itchy skin which can ultimately lead to bigger health trouble if not taken care of quickly.

Because dry skin can happen any time during the year, many canines especially have the most trouble during the winter months. Many owners prefer to keep their dog’s inside during this time where it is warm. Unfortunately, this creates the perfect situation for less humidity which in turn allows your dog’s skin ailments to only get bigger.

However, statistically, dry skin in winter is only the tip of the iceberg. The fact remains that skin issues can persist throughout the year regardless of the time of season and the type of breed. So what can you do to help your pooch get over this trouble once and for all? How can you cure dry skin in dogs inexpensively at home? Here are three tried and proven homemade remedies that your pooch will love you for.

The first is

Perhaps is what surprises people the most. Yet, this has been scientifically proven time and time again. What your doggie eats directly affects the health of your dog’s skin. Why? Because processed dog food bought commercially from any big-box pet store includes ingredients that severely cause serious irritation and allergies that all lead back to dry painful skin. This is perhaps the biggest dirty little secret of the pet food companies. Although they would have you believe through flashy commercials and advertisements their food is made from top quality ingredients, it simply isn’t true.

The pet food industry is a 20-billion-dollar business. For increased profits, harmful chemicals, dyes, additives and preservatives are added as ingredients and fillers that have been proven to cause severe skin irritation, hair loss and even death. It goes without saying then that reading the labels of your dog food is crucial if you seriously want to cure your canine’s dry skin. But reading it is only half the battle. You must also discover which ingredients to avoid. It’s actually rather simple and is most effective.

Renowned author and animal researcher Andrew Lewis has devoted his life’s work in uncovering dangerous commercial dog food ingredients with proven science. His painstaking work has only yielded nine safe to eat dog food products that have no harmful and potentially lethal ingredients. That’s nine out of the hundreds of dog food brands currently available on the shelves as this article is written.


Helping your dog’s skin is as easy as including a moderate level of a good, quality protein along with a generous dose of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. By incorporating these into your pooch’s diet, you instantly improve the health of a growing coat while keeping the skin underneath moist and healthy.

Andrew Lewis strongly promotes a homemade diet for dog’s dry skin issues because, one you can easily make each meal right in your own kitchen using your own ingredients from your refrigerator and pantry and two, it’s actually less expensive than buying commercially processed store bought dog food.

And third,

A great supplement to your dog’s diet for dry skin is to add a few tablespoons of flaxseed oil on a daily basis. Just like the Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils above, you can simply drizzle flaxseed oil over the homemade food you make to ensure you canine is receiving the right amount. Once you start to see some improvement, you can reduce the dosage of the flaxseed oil down to a third of the original amount you started with.

The really great news about making homemade meals from home besides the fact that they are easy and healthy is that many of the ingredients you use will already have healthy doses of all these oils mentioned above. In fact, if you want to use an even less expensive alternative, try olive oil or even salmon oil for dog’s dry skin.

Nutrition isn’t the only way you can help your pooch with skin issues. Don’t forget that dogs dry skin can also be cured by making your own natural soaps and shampoos at home and eliminating the harsh and abrasive chemicals found in the commercial bought varieties.

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